Set Menus

- Grill fish feast -

Seafood grill’s fish soup
Scallop, prawn, salmon, mussle

Grilled fish combo
Please consult your waiter

Creme Brulee
Sorrel, cocoa nib, strawberry, caramel

7.900 kr

- Grill green feast „vegan“ -

Glazed Beet root
Orange, horseradish, nut, garden cress

Vegetable spring roll
Barley, apple, pumkin seed, couliflower

Caamelized Pear
Hazelnut, lemon, chervil, rosemary


- Grill party -

Parsnip, potato, capers, mustard

Cured arctic char
Butter milk, rye bread, chives, apple

Grilled lamb rump steak & lamb shoulder
Maize, potato, celeriac, estragon

White chocolate mousse
Raspberry, caramel, lemon, nut

9.500 - per person
18.500 - per person with seleceted wines

- The big grill party -

A multi course grill feast of delicacies for you to experience the diverse and unique tastes of iceland´s wild nature.

The kitchen serves up an unparalleled feast of plenty, for the whole table, and promises to leave no-one hungry.

10.900.- per person
19.900.- per person with seleceted wines